Taylor Ramone

Studio Manager

Taylor Ramone is passionate about authentically creating a safe and connected space for talent, crew, and audiences alike within Tampa’s music industry. She has worked since 2006 as a vocal performer, assistant recording engineer, voice over artist, live engineer, R&D engineer, broadcast engineer, audio lab manager, golden ears critical listener, production coordinator, and videographer. Her lifelong obsession with sound also motivated her Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering focused on audio processing and electronics, and her Master’s degree in Applied Technology Entrepreneurship. Currently, her main role with Morrisound is as the Studio Manager, focusing on long-term relationship building, future-proofing the studio’s technology and service offerings, and creative music-forward problem solving.

When there is free time to be found, Taylor spends it with her loved ones enjoying concerts, traveling, roller coasters, and craft brews. She especially delights in introducing her kiddo to the wonders of the world through her work and play, hoping to set an example for him to imagine often and pursue his dreams.

Taylor Ramone in front of a brick wall