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Core of Engineers

The real key to any recording project isn’t the size of the room or the sophistication of the equipment.  It’s the quality of the people you work with that make the difference between an experience you’ll treasure for years to come and one you can’t wait to put behind you. At Morrisound our goal has always been to create the most productive recording environment possible.  Even though we’ve grown to offer one of the largest “State of the Art” studios in the Southeast, the biggest part of our success since 1981 is due to the quality of our staff.  We know how to help you get the most out of your session.  From the multiple Gold and Platinum record achievements of our engineers, to the attention to detail of our assistant engineers – we’re here for you.

Tom MorrisTom Morris began playing guitar in bands during Junior High School, so it was only logical that when he went to college he studied Chemical Engineering.  Actually, it was the highest paying career out of college at the time, and Morris knew that he’d need money to pursue his dream of having his own recording studio – which is how in 1981 Tom and Jim Morris (with help from friends and family) came to start Morrisound Recording in Tampa, FL.

Since then Tom has produced and engineered multiple Gold and Platinum records along with several Grammy nominated albums, and worked with a wide range of artists including Seven Mary Three, Beyonce, John Travolta, Chuck Owen, Steve Morse, Morbid Angel, Iced Earth and many more. (Read More)

Jim MorrisJim Morris began playing guitar in high school and soon developed a great passion for all things musical.  Coming from a musical family, this wasn’t a big stretch.  After attending The University of South Florida to study Electrical  Engineering, Jim  began playing professionally, traveling throughout Florida until he landed a job at Thoroughbred Music, eventually as the keyboard  salesman.  

In 1981, Jim and his brother Tom opened Morrisound Recording in Tampa.  Early on they  both realized that recording engineering and production were an excellent match to their various talents.  Among Jim’s first national releases were bands such as Savatage, Crimson Glory, Nasty Savage and others. (Read more)