Rising Down

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Shirt, Photo and CD.

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All of the above plus signed picks and drum sticks.

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All the above plus a live DVD and a original short film.


Band Bio

We combine talent and passion to create heartfelt music that keeps us rising to the top of the local Tampa rock scene. They consist of chaotic guitar riffs, subtly powerful bass lines, vibrant drum beats all sewn together with honestly tangible lyrics sung with urgency.
The band formed in mid-summer of 2009 with raw intentions of making tunes that floated with meaning and intellectual heaviness to the listeners ears. Now seeing that the sky is the limit and their dreams are obtainable, the songwriting process and overall mindset of the band transformed from almost accidental to a goal-oriented hunger to reach the stars.

Rising Down is a quintet that draws influences from bands like Incubus, Circa Survive, Ben Kenney, Glassjaw and Envy On The Coast.
The band appreciates every little thing that is done for them to help them avoid having desk jobs for the next 40 years! They love music like a mistress and are here to bring a new side of music that people have been itching to hear.

We started as 5 musicians who played completely different instruments prior to joining Rising Down. Our singer was a drummer, our drummer was a guitarist, and our bassist and rhythm guitarist were singers in the high school choir.

Our singer started as a poet and won 3 consecutive high school poetry slams. So, it is safe to say that we are learning this whole “rock band” thing on the fly.

We won the Hillsborough County Battle Of The Bands with only 4 months as a full band under our belts. We feel that our chemistry as friends has greatly helped us reach the place we are at in so little time.

“Music transcends everything that people ever thought they could accomplish. It really does go beyond mere sound. Music is your heart and your soul, your love, your friendships & your family, your past, your present and your future, your mood, you actions, the way you live, the way you think. True music expresses everything that you are”

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