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AKG C 414

Timeless Sound The AKG C 414 condenser microphone has been in production since 1971. It evolved from the tube classic C 12 which first appeared in 1953. The C 12 and its close sibling, the Telefunken 250/251, are still coveted by recording engineers around the world. The Telefunken 250/251 were manufactured by AKG and sold […]

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DBX 160 & 165

The dbx company grew out of the need to reduce tape machine noise.  It was founded by David Blackmer and the first products used a solid-state voltage control amplifier (VCA) coupled with a RMS based detection and control circuit.  The idea was essentially to compress the dynamic range of the incoming audio signal, then record […]

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The State and Art of Recording

Welcome to our new website!  Since we put our first page online in 1994 (one of the first studios on the web in those days) we’ve tried to make it a place to stay informed – not just about our studios, but all aspects of the music business.  This latest version offers the most immediate […]

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So You Want To Be A Recording Engineer?

Two of the most common questions we are asked are “How do I become a recording engineer/producer?” and “How can I get a job at Morrisound?”  Since the answers to these questions have a lot in common, I thought I’d take a shot at giving a response here. First, a quick disclaimer – there is […]

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CONTROL DENIED: Access Granted

The guys from Control Denied are planning to meet with Jim at Morrisound to finish Chuck Schuldiner’s final project. Below is an excerpt recapping the history behind the project. You can read the full story on “Eric gave me a call yesterday to let me know the time has come. Did you hear that? […]

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