The Neumann U 47 is without a doubt the most sought-after, legendary, and unfortunately rare microphone in the history of the recording arts.  Known primarily as a vocal mic, it is equally impressive at a wide variety of tasks: from acoustic guitar to upright bass to room sounds for everything from orchestration to drums.  The […]

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Enrollment is now open for our first round of courses this Fall! Recording 101 starts September 25th, so reserve your seat today! In recent years, the recording process has taken a decisive shift from being a primarily one-facility process to a multiple-facility process with a significant amount of the work occurring at home in an […]

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We hope everyone enjoys some time off with their family and friends this season, because that is what we’ll be doing! Our business office will be closed December 24th and will reopen on January 2. If you need to reach us in the mean time, please feel free to use the email form on our […]

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Just wanted to say thanks again to everyone who came out and made our 30th Anniversary Party a HUGE success. Pictures are up on facebook, and we will be posting performance recordings shortly for those of you who didn’t get to make it out to the show! Keep checking the website for further details. Last […]

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AKG C 414

Timeless Sound The AKG C 414 condenser microphone has been in production since 1971. It evolved from the tube classic C 12 which first appeared in 1953. The C 12 and its close sibling, the Telefunken 250/251, are still coveted by recording engineers around the world. The Telefunken 250/251 were manufactured by AKG and sold […]

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