The State and Art of Recording

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Welcome to our new website!  Since we put our first page online in 1994 (one of the first studios on the web in those days) we’ve tried to make it a place to stay informed – not just about our studios, but all aspects of the music business.  This latest version offers the most immediate and interactive site we’ve ever had.  We will be writing new articles to address your questions and interests on a regular basis.  We hope you’ll find it entertaining and informative.  Please let us know if there are any improvements you’d like to see, or any subjects you’d like to see us write about!

When we first opened Morrisound Recording in May of 1981, our goal was to provide the highest quality recording facility on the west coast of Florida.  We’ve worked hard over the years to become one of the premier studios in the Southeast.  Two of the best designed and equipped control rooms and two amazing sounding studio rooms have made us the studio of choice for artists of every genre – Classical,  Country, Hip Hop, Jazz, Metal, R&B, Rap, Rock – just take a look at our client list.  Even so, it’s not just our great acoustics and gear that keep artists coming here.  We have staff engineers that have worked on multiple Gold and Platinum records. Engineers that know how to help artists get the most out of their sessions.  We have assistant engineers that are trained to make sure that the artists are comfortable, and help achieve a relaxed, productive environment, and office staff that work to keep your session going smoothly.  We also have an excellent assortment of studio instruments available – including a Yamaha Grand Piano, Hammond B-3, Fender Suitcase Rhodes, Gretch Drum Kit and a wide assortment of guitars, basses, amps and speaker cabinets.  The Tampa area also offers a great selection of session musicians should your project need them – including string and brass players.  Come check out our studios and our people – you’ll want to record your next project with us too!

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