CONTROL DENIED: Access Granted

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The guys from Control Denied are planning to meet with Jim at Morrisound to finish Chuck Schuldiner’s final project. Below is an excerpt recapping the history behind the project. You can read the full story on

“Eric gave me a call yesterday to let me know the time has come. Did you hear that? No, you probably can’t believe I just said it. THE TIME HAS COME!!! Our producer, Jim Morris at Morrisound in Tampa, Florida who brought to life notable albums by DEATH, CONTROL DENIED, TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA, SAVATAGE, ICED EARTH, SEVEN MARY THREE, CANNIBAL CORPSE, DEICIDE, MORBID ANGEL, DEMONS AND WIZARDS, END-TIME ILLUSION, and OBITUARY, just to name a fraction of the killer artists on their roster, has contacted Eric Greif, informing the members of CONTROL DENIED that he is ready to begin laying out the planning and scheduling to complete Chuck Schuldiner’s legacy, ‘When Machine And Man Collide’. You heard it right, and you heard it straight from the horse’s (hey, wait a minute) mouth. This record will see the light of day and be in your hands sometime in 2011 and Jim will make certain it’s every bit as awesome as Chuck ever wanted and then some!!! That’s what the Morrises do.”

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